What to do in Russia

Russia is many-sided and amazing so everyone will find an activity that hits him best!

So what to do here?

  • Explore the museums and palaces of St.Petersberg and Moscow. And after that go beyond these cities as they are not the whole Russia.
  • Fall in love with charm of the Russian provinces;
  • Enjoy the devirsity of Russian nature;
  • Try to experience all tastes of Russian food;
  • Climb the highest summit of Europe.
  • Learn russian traditions and take part in some national holiday

Author: travelholic

I’m an independent traveller discovering word in unusual way (volunteering, trekking) and avoiding mainstream sightseeing. While travelling abroad I faced different stereotypes about Russia and now I want to ruin them in my articles. I want people to realize that Russia is not only Moscow or St. Petersburg, caviar and vodka. There are much more fascinating places to see and things to do.

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